Anna Marks was born into a world of art and design. In their native Kiev, Ukraine, her father was a prominent architect and her mother was an acclaimed sculptor. Anna’s love of architecture developed over years of long discussions with her father while they looked over his drawings. She completed art school in Kiev and then moved to Chicago, Illinois, where she graduated from Harrington Institute of Interior Design. In 2000, she opened Interior Atelier, a full-service design firm creating innovative residential and commercial spaces that leave lasting impressions.

The approach undertaken by Anna Marks is a holistic one, leading each project from concept to creation. She is a versatile, passionate designer who moves with ease among all architectural styles and decorating concepts. Inspired by a deep respect for world history and cultures, her research is meticulous and her eye for detail is exacting. She tirelessly keeps in touch with innovations in her field by scouting manufacturers, artists, catalogs, galleries, auction houses and the world wide web for resources. Yet, she often reveals her love of design by building customized pieces of furniture to fit particular spaces, designs or periods. Anna is constantly in search of new ideas that offer better solutions for today’s lifestyles, as well as new ways to adapt ideas from decades past that will give her designs a fresh and unexpected feeling. She’s fascinated with new technologies and loves the element of surprise.

“I see myself as an interpreter for the people I am working with, whether the project is a family home or a commercial environment,” says Anna Marks, Founder and Senior Designer for Interior Atelier in Chicago, Illinois. “Everyone has tastes, desires and budgets. My job is to translate those requirements with my experiences and resources to find the most satisfying expression and functional use of the space for each client.”

The Team

  • Jen Kempski / Design Assistant / Office Manager